Instructions This week you will create a draft of your fir

Instructions: This week, you will create a draft of your first essay. The assignment– In an argumentative essay of at least 1000 words, respond to Question 5 ‘Writing’ on page 314 of Reading Pop Culture. This essay requires three sources and will be submitted in MLA format.Question: According to Charpentier, contemporary television shows are superior to contemporary films; he makes his case by comparing them in terms of character and plot. Do you agree with this thesis?Is his analysis accurate? For example, are his examples from television and movies representative of these two media forms? Write an argumentative essay that either supports and extends Charpentier’s thesis with different points of comparison or(alternatively) complicates or refutes his thesis.In either case, choose specific examples to support your points.Essay: Story of Spectacle? Why Television Is Better Than the Movies by David Charpentier


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