Introduction ApplyAs you prepare to move into this unit beg

Introduction ApplyAs you prepare to move into this unit, begin by thinking about theidea of chivalry. What does chivalry mean today? What kind of actionswould be considered chivalrous in modern times? What kind of peoplebehave chivalrously, and how do others respond to their behavior?Then, think about what you have learned about chivalry from yourtextbooks page 1-20…and the links on page three. What did chivalry mean inmedieval times? What kind of actions were considered chivalrous inmedieval society? What kind of people behaved chivalrously? watch the video to help too. Finally, compare and contrast the differences between the idea ofchivalry in modern times and chivalry in medieval times. Whatsimilarities or differences exist between the modern and medievalnotions of chivalry?


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