Middle Ages Essay Assignment Medieval Romance Film Analysis

Middle Ages Essay Assignment: Medieval Romance Film Analysis SheetDirections: After fully understanding the Medieval Romance, students will brainstorm and then view a modern-day film that contains elements of a Medieval Romance. Then, students will examine the film and write an analysis essay as to why and how the chosen film falls into the category of a Medieval Romance.Use the following guidelines to successfully complete the essay:Gain a full understanding of the characteristics of a Medieval RomanceChoose a film that contains most of the characteristics of a Medieval RomanceLocate evidence in the film that align with the characteristics of a Medieval RomanceAnalyze how the chosen evidence represents the characteristics of a Medieval RomanceProofreading Checklist: Look for the following errors when proofreadingSpelling errorsComma, Semi-Colon, and Colon errorsMLA format errorsFragment and Run-On errorsApostrophe errorsRemember the following requirements while polishing the final essay:MLA formatIntroductionParagraph formProper thesis statementTopic sentences that relate to the thesis statementOn topic development and transitionsEvidence that supports claimsIntegrated evidenceCorrect in-text citationsAnalysis of evidence that does not summarizeConclusion sentences for each body paragraphConclusion paragraph that does not summarizeProper Works Cited pageBetween 500-750 words


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