Minimum Length 650 wordsAn essays that utilizes examples to

Minimum Length: 650 wordsAn essays that utilizes examples to support the claims made in its thesis must be careful to 1) offer reliable examples and 2) be able to connect those examples to its central claim.Choose one of the following topics to write an example essay about:Write an essay on your view of the purpose of a college education. Make sure to craft a strong thesis and provide critical supporting examples to illustrate and support your claim.Write a paper using examples either to describe or to demonstrate the falsity of a common male or female stereotype. This topic is based on Barbara Ehrenreich’s essay on p. 178. Examine John Grisham’s essay on p. 181-183. Then write an example essay in which you present some of the jobs you or someone you know has held. Be sure to establish a thesis that will unify your examples (Make sure that all your examples clearly connect and support a central idea or message that will serve as the core, the thesis, for your paper.)


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