Most readers are aware that effective networkers find some w

Most readers are aware that effective networkers find some way to pay back those people in their network who have done them favors. For example, if a store owner refers you to a contact that leads to a job interview you might refer a customer to his or her store. However, finding useful ways to reciprocate favors by network members is not so easy. Your assignment is to brainstorm in groups to develop alternative solutions to the problem, “How can we reciprocate when a network member does us a favor?” The network members can be those developed offline as well as those you have developed virtually, such as Facebook members. Aim for at least a dozen suggestions. After first compiling the suggestions, refine the list for duplication and precision. Perhaps reduce your list to the six most effective suggestions. If feasible, a team leader from each group presents the suggestions to the rest of the class.Class members might then discuss answers to these questions:(1)Which several suggestions were the most frequently offered across the groups?(2)Which suggestions do I think are good enough to use now or in the future?


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