My part This is the busn 460 week 7 .My part is Competitive

My part This is the busn 460 week 7 .My part is Competitive Analysis -CanGo Final Report Competitive Analysis of cango with other 3 companies , need 2 pages explanation and 4 slides on it with speaker notes Examples are attached Financial Analysis SummaryThis segment of the report covers in detail the money related state of CanGo and acquainting proposals and recommendations with help CanGo better comprehend their current budgetary reports. Utilizing these suggestions, CanGo will have the capacity to settle on better monetary choices in light of their current money related position. This investigation will likewise help CanGo settle on educated choices concerning gainfulness, liquidity, action, and influence based off the current money related proclamations. Examinations are joined to this report and are recorded as The Final Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010presentation) must be posted by the Week 7 Team Leader in DocumentSharing > Final Reports and Presentations at least 12 hoursprior to the schedule iConnect Final Presentation time. Do not use the Dropboxfor submitting these files. My part Examples are attached


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