need help with following 9 questions. Thanks.The Animal Ethi

need help with following 9 questions. Thanks.The Animal Ethics Reader – edited by Susan J. Armstrong und Richard G. Botzler The Mind Body Problem part: 1 Dualism in its various shades TPM – Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4 and Ch 9 RQ #1 What role does possibility play in arguments for or against Substance Dualism? How strong to you find this argument? Why? What is the issue with interaction and how does it affect the substance dualism debate?How are property dualism and substance dualism different? Explain Epiphenomenalism in your own words.5. Explain what a Zombie is and why they are relevant. Explain how panpsychism and solipsism differ. How does mental causation differ as a problem for Substance and Property Dualists?If Qualia were epiphenomenal do you see this as problematic? Why or Why not? What questions, if any, do you have so far? Or alternatively what would you like to know more about?


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