Need2 essays please separate and they need to be 500 words o

Need2 essays please separate and they need to be 500 words or more. Pleaseinclude detail and examples. Enclosed is the assignment in detail I cansend you helpful things once you decide what questions you are choosing.Bookthat was being used in class Cahn, Stephen M. 2014. Exploring Ethics:An Introductory Anthology. 4th edition(New York: Oxford UniversityPress)Requirments for MLA PLEASE!Choose ONE question from each of the two categories below.Write a dialogue highlighting the differences and similarities between the following views.Richard Taylor and Susan Wolf on the meaning of life.Walter Berns and Stephen Nathanson on the morality of the death penalty.John Rawls on justice vs. a representative of some other theory of justice (e.g., a utilitarian, libertarian, etc.). See for a description of some other theories of justice.Write an essay reflecting on one of the following topics:Whatreading/video/lesson did you find the most valuable this semester (interms of helping you to think about an issue differently). In youressay, please describe what your view on the issue was before thislesson, and how you had arrived at this view. Now, carefully describethe idea/argument in question, and explain how it changed your mind.Choosea recent social, ethical, or political issue about which you areinterested, but about which you haven’t yet written an essay. Now, writea mock “letter to the editor” in which you use TWO sources from classto help argue for a solution to this. You should spend at least half theessay carefully explaining the sources (and the rest laying out howthey apply to your particular issue).


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