Now it’s time to design the actual training session that you

Now it’s time to design the actual training session that you plan onimplementing. This is one of the biggest steps in your project. As you work on this step, take advantage of the practical guidelines offered inChapters 5 and 6 of your textbook. Of special note in Chapter 5: SeeFigure 5-1 for a ‘Training and HRD Process Model.’ See discussions on’Defining Objectives,’ ‘Preparing a LessonPlan,’ ‘Training Methods and Media,’ and ‘Preparing Training Materials.’Chapter 6: Skim this chapter for ideas on methods as you prepare yourLesson Plan.Remember! Focus your training sessionon the simple training task you chose earlier. Now you know why wesuggested a simple task for this exercise, such as answering the phoneor using a stapler – there is plenty to prepare for even that simpletask!Be sure to include the following in your design for the training session:Your list of objectives. (Based on your task analysis data)How long will the training require?What type(s) of training materials and media are you planning on using? And why?Lesson Plan. This is your step-by-step training agenda on how youwill implement the program. This includes an outline of exactly how youwill present the materials, what information, what skills the employeeswill sharpen, what they will practice, and the steps you will take toensure the learners gain knowledge, skills, and abilities in this area.


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