Objective Identify the different types of white collar crim

Objective: Identify the different types of white collar crimes. Distinguish indirect methods of proof.Requirements: 3-4 paragraphs in length and 8-9 sentences per paragraphTo be effective as an investigator, you must understand legislation and jurisdiction. Federal courts have jurisdiction over both federal criminal and civil statutes as well as common law related to individuals involved in several states. State courts have jurisdiction over state statutes and common law for civil claims.Your task is the following:Research federal or state regulatory agency Web sites. Identify civil/administrative enforcement statutes. Provide sample statute citations and describe the statutes and available sanctions.Please do not use the same example of another post. When posting on the Discussion Board, clearly identify your statute selection in your first header line.Grading GuidelinesContent Include extent and depth of research 60%–70%Writing and presentationMechanics/organization 30%–40%Total 100%


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