Once Accepted I will give the information to login to take

Once Accepted, I will give the information to login to take the Final Exam. Thank you.Complete the Final Examination. You are allowed one attempt to complete the examination, which is timed and must be completed in 3 hours. Results are automatically graded and sent to your instructor.Note: The automated final exam was designed in Google Chrome and is best viewed in the latest version of the browser. If you do not use the latest version of Google Chrome to view and complete the automated final exam, you may not be able to view the entire exam content. If you do not have the most current version of Google Chrome, download the browser before you enter the exam.Final Exam Study Guide If you’re taking the Final Exam, you probably have some questions, such as:What is the structure of the Final Exam?What kinds of questions will I see? Can I see some examples?Why is the Final Exam designed this way?How should I study for the Final Exam?This document will answer these questions and help get you ready for the exam. Best wishes!What’s the structure of the Final Exam? The exam questions are based on course objectives and concepts from throughout the course.There are 30 multiple-choice questions for each exam. The exam is timed and must be completed in 3 hours. Students are given one attempt to complete each exam. Results are auto-graded and sent to the instructor. Note: The final exam is best viewed via the Google Chrome web browser. Please download the latest version of Google Chrome if you do not have access.What kinds of questions will I see? Can I see some examples? The Final Exam will have a mix of the following types of questions:Applications: Knowing definitions is important, but you also need to be able to apply those definitions in practice. On your exam, you’ll need to apply definitions from individual courses, and you’ll also see questions combining concepts from different courses. These different kinds of application questions can ask you to:Connect a concept to an example of that concept. These questions might ask you to recognize an externality in a transaction, identify a marketing strategy given a description of activities, or spot an example of a management technique in action.Evaluate a situation and draw conclusions. These questions ask you to analyze a situation and make an appropriate recommendation. For example, you might be asked what would make communications more effective, what is required for a contract to be enforced, or to identify what would likely happen according to a particular theory.Perform calculations and apply techniques: You could be asked to perform operations related to finance or accounting, determine what would happen to an equilibrium point if something in the world changes, or predict changes in exchange rates.Critical Thinking Questions: On your Final Exam, you’ll see questions testing your critical thinking skills, which means that you’ll have to draw sound, logical conclusions while applying the techniques you’ve learned. You might be asked to identify an assumption, analyze an argument to determine what would make it stronger or weaker, or spot a flaw in an argument. These questions are often quite difficult, so get started by checking out the examples below.Sample Questions:Note: These are general examples that may not necessarily reflect the content of your specific course, but rather will give you an idea of how the questions on your exam will be structured. 1. Rahul is a manager in the Marketing Department of Acadia Bear Hospitality, a mid-size chain of hotels primarily appealing to vacationers who are interested in nature. Rahul’s goals for next year include the following: increasing revenue from guided tours by 20%, increasing the number of customers who visit Acadia Bear’s Web site by 25%, and turning Acadia Bear customers into ambassadors for the Acadia Bear brand. Which of the following changes would most improve the list of yearly goals specified above? doubling the proposed percentage increases in revenue from guided tours and Web site visitorsclarifying what is meant by an ‘ambassador for the Acadia Bear brand’including proposals for changing Acadia Bear’s core missionspecifying the decisions that Rahul should make each week in order to meet these goalsAnswer: (B) Explanation: For goals to motivate employees, they must be clear. While many organizations want to turn their customers into ‘brand ambassadors,’ this goal should be more specific in order for Rahul to understand what success with respect to that goal would look like. (B) Is therefore correct, as it would provide Rahul with the clear understanding he would require. (A) Could be a good idea, but might not be realistic. Goals are not always improved by making them more demanding, so it is not clear that (A) would be an improvement. Asking Rahul to change the organization’s core mission would be outside the scope of his responsibilities and so would not be a clear improvement to this list of goals. The list of weekly actions in (D) would probably make things worse by micromanaging Rahul. Yearly goals should not be that specific.


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