Our identity is shaped by our family friends and the memb

Our identity is shaped by our family, friends, and the members of our community. It is also shaped by the books we have read and the stories we heard from our parents as well as our teachers. Likewise, places we have visited, the people we have met, the incidents that have happened in our lives, and the incidents we saw happen to others have shaped our identity.Write a personal narrative drawing from your experiences of growing up. For example, you may recall significant life experiences or people or events from the past that matter personally to you. Since it is improbable and not necessary to recall every person and discuss every event, limit yourself to specific people and events that you think are important to you. You may focus on two major incidents that happened in in your life or during your younger years, events that you keep remembering and consider worth sharing. Take notes as you reflect on your past and present perspectives regarding the incidents you describe. You may also describe one of the members of your family or a person you admire or have met. Write how you feel about them or how what happened to you has impacted you as an individual. Use vivid description to give people and events breadth and motion. Recall actual conversations that happened; if you can’t, make up ones that resemble the truth and describe your feelings about them in a way so that your readers can visualize the people and events you describe. The events you describe can be happy, embarrassing, or horrifying, but you will need to explore their significance to you. Remember, a strong personal essays uses opens in an appealing way, uses language in such a way that it wins the readers’ hearts, and leads its readers toward a sense of significance about the people or events described.Length: 2 pages (double-spaced)FONT : LENGTH (12)TIMES NEW ROMAN


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