PART 1 Why the work of Richard Rodriguez contained characte

PART 1 Why the work of Richard Rodriguez contained characters, events, or themes that you recognized and understood because of your own experiences as an American or because of your own understanding of American culture and values? CITE ESPECIFIC EXAMPLES and 150 words MIN The Flip Side of Richard’s Complexion Though Richard Rodriguez devotes a great deal of ‘Complexion’ to passages relating to the ways in which his dark skin makes him feel like an outsider both in mainstream American culture and among certain members of his own community, there is another aspect to the essay. Rodriguez also focuses on the ways in which he is linked to his parents, his siblings, their experiences in America, and their shared cultural background. These connections shape the way Rodriguez views the world. In doing so, they allow him to develop and understand both his personal history and his cultural heritage and identity PART 2 Why do you feel less identify with the expeiences of Two Kinds by Amy Tan ‘Two Kinds’ is, at its most fundamental level, a story about the difference between what a parent wants for her child and what that child wants for herself. Jing-mei, the young daughter of a Chinese-born mother, feels that she is being pushed to achieve not entirely for herself but for her mother. Is this really the case?CITE ESPECIFIC EXAMPLES and 150 words min.


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