Part 1Choose a mythological hero (male or female). Choose fr

Part 1Choose a mythological hero (male or female). Choose from any in our book or do some research on your own if you are so inclined.Choose a modern day/ pop-culture hero (male of female). This can be a figure from modern literature, comic books, tv, etc.You will write an analysis of both based on the Hero’s Journey and informed by any of the theories or conversations we have had so far. (Don’t just re-tell the story, try to explain reoccurring motifs, character flaws, cultural/ historical insights and background etc. Each analysis should be 200-250 words. You can upload your text analysis here.Part 2Choose one of your heroes and create a Hero’s Journey map based on their story. Map out the basic plot points and add commentary. Use the PDF and cycle image to help guide you through the steps. It is ok if you can’t ‘fit’ every single stage or if they are slightly out of order. This can be in any visual/ media format. You could draw, collage, storyboard (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., digital collage, prezi, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. padlet (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., ppt slide, video…whatever. It can be organized as timeline, linear storyboard, cyclical, you decide. This is your chance to be creative. You will then share them in our Hero’s Journey Gallery Discussion forum next week. Example of Storyboard Journey Map featuring PerseusHere are a list of Heroes that you may want to research:Hero choices (If you find someone outside this list you must get approval from me first)Greek Mythology:AeneasTheseusPerseusAchillesJason (From Jason and the Argonauts)OrpheusPsychePenthesileaRoman:AeneasMesopotamianGilgameshEnkiduHebrewMosesJoseph (son of Jacob and Rachel)King DavidNorse/ GermanicSigurdRagnar LodbrokBeowulfCelticKing ArthurEgyptian MythologyOsirisIsisHinduKrishnaRam Sita


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