PART ONE Discussion – Ethics in decision making (Only needs

PART ONE: Discussion – Ethics in decision making (Only needs to be 150 words) – Due Aug 15th 2017 Due to expanding technological advancements and computer systems, there is an increase in legal, privacy, and ethical issues related to analytics and implementation.Please discuss the issues of:software piracythe use of corporate computers for non-work related purposeselectronic surveillance.After discussing the three issues individually, compare them and identify similarities between them.PART TWO: Current Event – Data Mining – Due Aug 16th 2017(I only need you to type it up and i can record it so its in my voice.)This is a slightly different type of forum. You will create an audio file then upload it for your initial post. You will respond to your classmates in the usual written manner.Since this is a way to practice verbal reporting to a client or company officer, please offer constructive advice to your classmates on their report (i.e. – spoke too: soft, loud, fast, slow, etc) along with your comments on their audio post topic.Data mining is becoming more feasible for organizations to utilize. Therefore, data mining and its applications have made its way into the news stories and the media.Research a current event from within the last five years that relates to this week’s topic of data mining. Attach an audio explanation of the current event and specifically how it relates to the data mining applications that you’ve learned this week.One way to make a recording on your computer is to type ‘sound recorder’ in the help or search option on the computer for instructions on how to use it.In addition, the following websites offer advice regarding how to make audio recordings using different devices: – the audio file cannot exceed 9 megabytes in size and should be an MP3 format. There are free converter software available online.PART THREE: Written Assignment – Data Mining Process – Due – Aug 18th 2017In order to conduct data mining projects, a process is followed. These processes are based on best practices, data mining researchers, and practitioners to maximize the chances of success for data mining projects.Conduct some independent research on the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM). Using a process map, define the six steps of this process. Within the map, provide relevant examples for each step.For more information on how to create a process map, visit this website: FOUR: Course Project – Identifying Business RequirementsIdentifying Business RequirementsRobert M. Lopez, Chief Compliance Officer of ANox pharmaceutics, will investigate any sales consultants that are not adhering to ANox Pharmaceutic Policy P1029. He’s hired you to identify those sales consultants.Create a 1-2 slide PowerPoint (not including the title or references slides) of the business requirements. Use the meeting notes and ANox’s policies to determine the specific parameters of your task (project scope). In slide notes, provide a detailed description of how each business requirement is important to the final deliverable.This PowerPoint should highlight your understanding of the project. Any sources must be cited in APA format. For more information on APA, please visit the Online Library. Your assignment should be proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


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