PART ONE Discussion – Why Avoid Fallacies ( Needs to Be 150

PART ONE: Discussion – Why Avoid Fallacies ( Needs to Be 150 words) Due – AUG 15th 2017For your initial posting this week, provide an example of fallacious reasoning, either your own or someone you know. Explain why the reasoning was fallacious (questionable premise, suppressed evidence, or invalid inference) and what the result of that reasoning was.PART TWO: Written Assignment – Identify Logical Fallacies in a TextClick link to read Mark Twain’s essay ‘The Late Benjamin Franklin’Resource: Twain, M. (1983). THE LATE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Saturday Evening Post, 255(2), 18-93. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.In a 1-page essay, provide an analysis that identifies fallacious reasoning in the story and explain why.PART THREE: Course Project – Part 1 – Scenario Project SubmissionComplete Part 1 of the Critical Thinking Scenario Project.Remember to proofread your submission in order to eliminate spelling and grammar errors.Critical Thinking Project OverviewCritical thinking is referenced as one of the top transferrable skills employers desire. You will often exercise critical thinking skills in your future career.Below, you will find links to a variety of critical thinking scenarios associated with your career path. The goal of these scenario projects is for you to apply critical thinking skills in order to better understand how these general education objectives will allow you to flourish in the workplace.Select a Critical Thinking Scenario Project based on your major or the program that you are currently attending. For example, if you are in the School of Business, then you should only complete the Business Critical Thinking Scenario. Nursing and Health Sciences students should select the Healthcare scenario.Select only one Scenario Project that you will work on throughout the course and complete in Module 10.Download the Critical Thinking Scenario Project that corresponds with your field and review the specific scenarios and assignment descriptions.Critical Thinking Scenario ProjectsCritical Thinking Scenario – AccountingCritical Thinking Scenario – BusinessCritical Thinking Scenario – DesignCritical Thinking Scenario – ECECritical Thinking Scenario – HealthcareCritical Thinking Scenario – Justice StudiesCritical Thinking Scenario – Technology


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