Personal Statement in Business1) -Review and add or rewrite

Personal Statement in Business1) -Review and add or rewrite:feedback notes: It doesn’t take much for the reader to start believing that the lines have been lifted from a trade magazine, so making everything seem personally relevant is the key. This is merely a palliative, however. You have to back this up with some credible experience. This essay also illustrates how you need to present yourself in an all-round light, especially when you’re applying for management courses. It pays to stay in touch with the prevailing ethos that schools believe in. While many of us may have had socially relevant experiences, it takes a certain savvy to highlight them while applying to schools that care. NOTE: -Please check the attached of the feedback to upgrade the essay. I had my CV to it because is where you may get more about my previous learning, experiences, academic rewards and all professional and educational should be well mentioned. -MY OWN ESSAY TO DOUBLE CHECK IS THIS ATTACH: ( Admission Application for PhD in Business Administration LAST.docx ) -Attached: a sample essay for phd in management degree application.docx for just an idea


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