Please respond with brief answers to the following 6 Questio

Please respond with brief answers to the following 6 Questions. The intent is to have you look back over the readings and discussions in this class. If you are not sure of the answers do some careful research!Describe the differences between proprietary, contract, and hybrid security operations.What would be the business advantage of government regulations requiring minimum training of all security employees? (Hint: level the playing field)Why do US constitutional protections against search, self-incrimination, etc. not apply to security personnel?FEMA has encouraged organizations (including private security) to use an “all hazards” approach to contingency planning. What does this mean?If a uniformed security officer makes $12.50 an hour (which is $500 for a 40-hour week, or about $25,000 a year) and your organization needs to staff one full-time post, 24 hours a day and 7 days each week, approximately how much would you need to budget for the year? (Assume an additional 33% of the wages as company expense for taxes and benefits.)Number of FTE* officers needed: _____ x $25k + 33% = $_______ annual cost(* FTE means ‘full time equivalent’)Think about how much equipment this same budget would purchase!And, 6. Do you feel that it is important for all security personnel today, to have a working familiarity with basic cyber security? Why, or why not?


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