Please use the following grading criteria as a guide Ass

Please use the following grading criteria as a guide: Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Assignment Components Calculations—Student correctly computes the minimum monthly payment for the scenario. Student correctly computes the amount of interest and principal being paid down with minimum payments based upon the scenario. 48 Analysis—Student effectively analyzes the terms, conditions, and charges for a credit card or another form of consumer debt. Student outlines a thoughtful and detailed plan to pay down a credit card or another form of consumer debt based upon a specific time frame. 48 Implications—Student provides insightful commentary regarding handling and/or avoiding the pitfalls of credit card debt or another form of consumer debt. 48 Writing Components Organization—Introduction,Thesis,Transitions,Conclusion 12 Usage and Mechanics—Grammar, Spelling, Sentence structure 24 APA Elements—Attribution, Paraphrasing, Quotations 16 Style—Audience, Word Choice 4 Total: 200 Remember: make sure you explain what the charts and/or graphs mean; do not assume the reader understands what they mean.


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