Prepare an annotated draft reference list identifying the sp

Prepare an annotated draft reference list identifying the specific scholarly research literature sources (i.e., books periodicals, or online sources) that you propose including in your research proposal. The attached Powerpoints will provide guidance and more information on creating your reference list.Your annotated draft reference list will comply with the following general formatting requirements:Reference list entries will be formatted per the requirements sections 6.22 through 6.32 and Chapter 7 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.Typed using a 12-point Times New Roman fontDouble-spaced throughout entire paperUse a 1 inch marginPage header will include your title and page numbersCover/Title page will include your name and the date of submission.Attached Power points provided for Drafting Reference list. Also attached previously done research proposal documents.This is an ongoing project, graded every week of submission by professor. If graded more than 80, then only i can select you for next weeks work. So please make sure to meet the requirement. Please review the PPT’s for guidance sent by professor. Thanks.


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