Project 11-2. Configuring Threat Management Gateway as a VPN

Project 11-2. Configuring Threat Management Gateway as a VPN server Objective: Configure a VPN Server Description: Configure the VPN server to permit the group VPN access and define IP addresses on the internal network that will be issued to remote clients. The solution students develop will be unique to their designs. For this part of the project, students should have updated at least the following sections of their security policies: • Remote Access • Violations and Penalties • Acceptable Use • Unacceptable Use • Security User Awareness Training • Internet and E-Mail • Appendixes (updated diagrams and new risk analysis documentation) • Revision History • Responsibilities (determined who is responsible for maintenance, repairs, monitoring and emergencies for remote access systems), unless the design precludes this (such as having made a single department, manager, or so forth responsible for all aspects of the systems). • References • Illegal Activities • User Accounts and Passwrods • Physical Security


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