Read and answer the following please Dr. Greenwald is a cl

Read and answer the following please: Dr. Greenwald is a clinical psychologist who identifies his approach to psychotherapy as humanistic. As such, he believes that it is important to provide each client with unconditional positive regard (UPR), or to communicate to the client that he or she is valued, appreciated, accepted, and ‘prized’ regardless of what he or she may say or do. Several weeks ago, Dr. Greenwald began working with a new client named Steven, who struggles with generalized anxiety disorder. As Steven’s trust and rapport with Dr. Greenwald has increased, he has admitted more and more about himself. After a number of sessions, Steven confided in Dr. Greenwald that many years ago, he raped a woman. Dr. Greenwald views rape as a reprehensible act.What role should unconditional positive regard play in Steven’s psychotherapy? What about genuineness?Can Dr. Greenwald’s positive regard for Steven be truly unconditional, especially if he knows that Steven committed an act he finds reprehensible?Is there any reason you should violate the privilege of confidentiality because of the information that Steven committed rape? If so, who should you tell?


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