Read the Article below and answer the question in a essay. A

Read the Article below and answer the question in a essay. At least one page. Beforereading further, or accessing other posts, please take the followingquiz (just on your own). Who do you think would be more likely tohave higher self-esteem: Gandhi or Hitler? Columbine High School’s 1999valedictorian or the two Columbine students who, that April, killed ateacher, 12 fellow students, and then themselves? Albert Einstein orAdolph Eichmann?Previous students havebeen known to comment that my DBs encourage them to think outside thebox. While appreciative of the supportive sentiment, I always reply bysuggesting that in order for thinking outside the box to be productive, you have to know what is inside the box. Fortunately,since the traditional, inside-the-box thinking about self-esteem isvirtually universal and very well known, this week’s discussion shouldprove to be a good one.Toget us started, please read (very carefully) the Rosemond summaryarticle, ‘A Different Take on Self-Esteem’ that I have posted in Pages.Do you agree or disagree with the author’s perspective? Why or whynot? Additional Comments? Personal experiences?Note: Meeting the Tuesday deadline for submitting the initial/original posts will be especially important again this week.


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