Read the Bottler Company case thoroughly in the attached fil

Read the Bottler Company case thoroughly in the attached file. Assume your given role in the case and accomplish your tasks in a 3-5 single-spaced paper.Your Tasks:Establish the pain points signaling the need for better value management as well as trigger events that would compel business leaders to begin building on valueOutline a typical ‘future state’ – what the common characteristics and outcomes of a value-driven enterprise look like.Build a set of instructions on how to conduct an assessment of the enterprise’s current state.Identify the issues that the CIO are facing.Explain why have these issues surfaced.Using the key components of a business case, define how you would use them to define the key areas of benefits, risk, appraisal and cost.Using COBIT 5 as a guide, identify the core domains that you would use to manage and drive your project and then map them to the real-life actions you would need to get the job done.


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