Reconsider your ecological footprint analysis – re-calcula

Reconsider your ecological footprint analysis – re-calculate it (see directions below if necessary). Is it any different than it was at the beginning of the course? What changes in your lifestyle would you be willing to take to personally help shift the paradigm and to support social justice, equity, and caring for the people and ecosystems of Earth? How does this relate to the Saint Leo University core value of responsible stewardship? How would lessening the size of your ecological footprint relate to social justice and equity?To complete your Ecological Footprint Evaluation:Click on Begin My Evaluation to access the Global Footprint Network’s ‘Footprint Calculator.’Click the U.S. map and complete the detailed version of the quiz to calculate your ecological footprint.Save the results of your footprint assessment (either by creating an account on the website or simply using your computer’s ‘Print Screen’ functionality).When you are finished, click “Explore Scenarios” to learn what you can do to lower your ecological footprint. No more than 250 words


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