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repare for Written Assignment and ResearchVisit, call, or send an email to the director or a staff member of the early childhood program you identified in the Week One discussion, “Defining Family and Community Engagement.” Ask if you can visit the program and conduct an interview with the director or with another staff member the following week. Find an early childhood program that is willing to help you conduct the interview by the end of that week. If visiting is not convenient for the director or yourself, ask if a phone or email interview would be possible. If you cannot reach anyone to conduct this interview, contact your instructor as soon as possible.Writing the Assignment Includethe following sections in your written assignment. The assignmentshould be three to five pages, in addition to a separate title page and aseparate reference page, and formatted in APA style. Format yourwriting as follows: MS Word, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inchmargins all around. Proofread your paper before submitting it.Create a profile of yourself as an educator. Theprofile will include your preferred teaching style, an in-depth look atyour experiences as an educator (if you have not worked with children,you have most likely been an educator with your own children, familymembers, co-workers, church members, etc.), and how that experienceimpacts your teaching style and your philosophy on how children grow andlearn (this is not the same as your philosophy on family and communityengagement but will overlap). Build on the theoretical perspective youdeveloped in last week’s discussion as well as your experiences. Youmust cite one scholarly source (in addition to the textbook and requiredreadings) in your profile. Create your profile before you begin writingyour philosophy statement and approach. If you have had to do some ofthis thinking, reflection, and creation in another course, contact yourinstructor if you would like to re-use portions for this assignment.Create your philosophy and approach to family and community engagement. Buildyour philosophy statement from the bulleted items you created for lastweek’s discussion, “Philosophical Perspectives on Family and CommunityEngagement.” Be sure to incorporate concepts we have addressed in thecourse discussions thus far and also draw from your direct experienceworking with families, if you have them. Your philosophy statement andapproach should align to a theoretical perspective. You must cite onescholarly source (in addition to the textbook and required readings) inyour philosophy and approach statement.Identify three questions you would like to ask during theinterview with the director or staff person in the early childhoodprogram. The questions should focus on some aspects offamily and community engagement to help support or expand yourphilosophy statement. If you are currently working with young childrenand their families, try to think of questions that relate directly toissues that have arisen for you. If you are not currently working withchildren and families, these questions can be ones you have curiosityabout. Discuss the reasons why you chose these questions.


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