Request Write ‘ Project Charter’ based on attached Case st

Request : Write ‘ Project Charter’ based on attached Case study( 3 pages – Project_Case_Study.docx ) Length : 800 wordsSpecific Direction : Refer to attached Case Study – NiteRest Hotels Write ‘Project Charter’ based on the case study using attached Template(ProjectCharterTemplate.docx)To gain an understanding of the process to initiate a project, develop the Project Charter, develop a high level Project Management Plan and perform Stakeholder management.You have been appointed as the Project Manager by the Executive Director of the NiteRest Hotel chain to implement an end to end Hotel Management System. Read the attached Case Study and develop the following:1) A Project Charter2) Develop an organisation structure for your project team3) Document the roles and responsibilities of each team member4) Develop the Team Charter5) Develop a Stake Holder analysis for this project6) In your view what would be the criteria for declaring the project as a success?


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