REQUIREMENTS This paper is limited to 4 to 5 pages excludi

REQUIREMENTS This paper is limited to 4 to 5 pages, excluding the title page, citations, and appendices. Use the headings listed below. 1.5-space using 11 point Calibri with standard margins. Keep the body of your paper short, clear, and easy to absorb. Additional materials may be included in a well-organized Appendix. Submit your paper printed (handed-in) by the above due date Title Page – 1 page Background and Research Objectives – 1 page Choose a not-for-profit organisation and provide an overview (background, description, goals and organisation objectives, etc.). The research objective for this report is: To identify the most appropriate online and social media platforms through which the organisation can effectively promote their work. Methodology/Findings – Secondary Research – 1-2 pages Explain your methodology in one or two paragraphs. Your methodology could include collecting secondary data via the organisation website, social media, best practice guidelines, journals, industry standards, articles such as “the 10 laws of social media” by Susan Gunelius. Look at social media platforms in use by the organisation. How effectively are they engaged with by followers, supporters, etc.? Also look at social media platforms managed by similar organisations (2-4) your organisation may be in competition with. How effectively are they engaged with by followers, supporters, etc.? Your findings can be presented in table form. An example is attached and the company should be different from what is in the example Analysis – 1-2 pages Discuss the meaning of your secondary data. Is the organisation’s social media efforts in alignment with the “laws” of Gunelius? How effectively they are engaging with followers, supporters, etc.? How do their efforts compare to their competitor’s? What issues (4-6) have you identified for the organisation to address? What conclusions can you reach that will respond to the research objective? Include APA style citations where appropriate (in-text and at the end of your report)


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