Research Report taskDue date 28-Aug-2017TaskPart A 10 Mar

Research Report taskDue date: 28-Aug-2017TaskPart A : 10 MarksAnswer the following question:1.Search the web for news on computer security breaches that occurredduring April-August 2017. Research one such reported incident (Excludingthe May 2017 ransomware cyber-attack) . Prepare a report focusing onwhat the problem was, how and why it occurred and what are the possiblesolutions.Length: Around 1200 wordsPart B : 10 Marks1. Research the May 2017 ransomware cyber-attack on the web and prepare a report focusing on the following questions:What was the problem?Who were affected and how?How was the attack carried out?What could have been done to prevent the attack? Length: Around 1500 wordsRationale:Thisassessment task is based on the following topics discussed in thesubject: the overview of Information security fundamentals, securitythreats, cryptography, malicious software, and operating systemsecurity.The assessment task is aligned with the following learning outcomes of the subject: be able to justify security goals and the importance of maintaining the secure computing environment against digital threats;be able to explain the fundamental concepts of cryptographic algorithms;beable to examine malicious activities that may affect the security of acomputer program and justify the choice of various controls to able to compare and contrast the security mechanismsof a trusted operating system with those used in a general purposeoperating system.


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