short answers is ok but specific and whole answer.Explain th

short answers is ok but specific and whole answer.Explain the difference between volume testing and stress testing for a web application Describe when compatibility testing is very important in the software testing process Describe which test types are not usually included in the formal test plan and explain why Describe localization testing and describe a common problem that happens in a foreign language of your choose (list the language) when localization testing is not performed In your own words, describe the difference between forward and backward compatibility. Give an example of each from your experience. List the test types you might use to select the various non-functional test types in a test plan for a Web application, if you were limited to 5 types. Justify each type In your own words, explain the importance of describing specific expected results when preparing a test script or a test case Describe the two main factors used when doing reliability testing: give an example of each Describe 5 criteria that you might use when selecting the configurations to test a new game which will be distributed worldwide, justify your selections You are doing configuration testing on a cross-platform app for Marymount University. Select 3 configurations which would meet the needs of most of the student’s and faculty and justify why these configurations Describe how the amount of test resources typically increases over the course of the development schedule. List four metrics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of a test plan. Describe why parts of an application may not be included in the test plan. Describe three high-level; expectations for a test plan. Discuss the role of a bug tracking system and how it might imorove the efficiency of testing a large system. JIRA is a very popular bug tracking system. Give 3 good reasons why it should be acquired for your testing group. In your own words, describe 4 guidelines to give a new employee to ensure they write good test documentation. Describe the purpose of the final test report. What data elements will you record when you find a defect in the software during the functional test process. Why might you recommend Excel for your bug tracking system? 1. Discuss two instances when usability could be used in other than evaluating software or web sites, explain why it would be useful in those cases2. Discuss how the Marymount website adheres to the good UI trait of ‘Consistency’. Give at least 3 examples.3. What tests would you do to evaluate whether a web site uses responsive design? 4. Explain how the Canvas application is ‘comfortable’ for its intended users. Give at least 3 factorsWhen you log into the Marymount Portal and you give it the wrong password, you will receive an error message. What is the error message? Is that error message well written, obvious to the user etc and how could it be improved6. Explain Section 508 as it applies to web sites and discuss whether Marymount’s website needs to be compliant7. What features of the Microsoft standard disabilty options would you use for the visually impaired and explain how it might help them8. What ie the EULA, where might you find it, and why is it important that is is tested?9. A promotional video has been prepared for the software that you are testing, you are asked to look at it. What are you looking for, list at least 3 specific thingsYou are tested the fourth release of the software and are asked to quickly verfiy the user manual. What would you specifically look for since you have limited time for the review?


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