short written (about 250 words) thoughtful account of what

short written (about 250 words) thoughtful account of what you learned in the previous week from the slides about economics that most impacted your daily life, point of view, or decision making process. (DO NOT WRITE A SUMMARY OF slides !!) Journal entries will be graded on coherence, grammar, spelling, organization of thought, and overall demonstration of concept application.i will give u an example how to write it This week the concept that most stood out to me was incentives. People respond to incentives by taking opportunities to make themselves better off, and this concept really resonates with me as a server. I work at a restaurant called Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Aurora. When I am serving a table, I do everything in my power to please the customers in hopes that I will be rewarded with a good tip. I will be sure to not keep them waiting too long when they are ready to order, I will be sure to always be on top of refilling their drinks, and I will personally check that their food is made right before taking it out to them. Knowing that a tip is optional makes me want to work harder to ensure that I am going to be better off financially at the end of each shift. However, I have also been on the other side of the spectrum when tip was automatically added to the bill. Before I was a server, I was bussing tables. When I was a busser, I automatically got 3% of the sales from that shift in tips, no matter how fast i would bus each table or even if that table was up to standards in cleanliness. Incentives definitely change a persons behavior and I am an example of that.


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