Should be question/answer format. Thank you. The Animal Et

Should be question/answer format. Thank you. The Animal Ethics Reader – edited by Susan J. Armstrong und Richard G. Botzler The Free Will Problem and Materialism TPM – Ch 12 Ch 5 The Problem of Other Minds to end, C – The Unconscious Origins of the Will, Changing the Subject, Choices Efforts and Intentions, Cause and Effect, Other Minds, RQ #5 Explain the difference between compatibilism and incompatibilism. Pick two of the types of determinism and explain the difference between them. Would they be extensionally equivalent (that is, would they generate the same results)? Why or why not?Given the models of Freedom of the Will given in Mandik’s book, which do you find more plausible? Why?Is the “higher” and “lower” systems distinction helpful in addressing deterministic worries? Why or why not?Why does Harris think Dennett is “Changing the Subject”? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?What is indeteminism and how does it impact the Free Will debate?According to Harris, what impact do prior causes have on the impact or importance of deterministic choices? Why? Do you agree? Why or why not?What does the “Rooting for Laundry” behavior imply about our political decisions? Do you think this pans out in actuality? Why or why not? At this point what questions do you have? Or alternatively, what would you like to know more about?


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