STUDENT 1 Naing Hello ClassmatesThis week prompt focuses o

STUDENT 1: Naing Hello Classmates,This week prompt focuses on the important of Audience and Purpose. These two factors in writing are both important and neither can be ignored because it’s purpose is to inform or relay to the targeted audience. Last week we learned about clarity in a business environment, and how it plays a huge role in emails, documents, and letters. Audience and purpose defines clarity, it gives knowledge of who the letter is directed to, and the tone of voice it needs to be addressed in. Johnathan Haber in the Huffington post wrote the important of knowing the Audience and provided examples using our leaders and politician. He gave three tips on how a successful politician targets the audience 1) thanking the questioner by name; (2) complimenting him or her on the importance and insightfulness of their query, and then (3) paraphrasing the original question for the wider audience (Haber, J. 2017). Although this is directed towards politicians, it showed me the important of knowing the Audience.In my experience, audience and purpose plays a crucial role in email/memo sent to me or having it sent to others. If the purpose isn’t clear, it leaves room for misinterpretation. This leads to 3 types of problems, 1.) task being incomplete, 2.) having made error, task needs to revised or redone, 3.) A lot of questions back and forth, which all effects the time a task is completed. I’ve also had experiences where a soldier didn’t send out a proper email to his higher ranking resulting in extra duty, which in military term means punishment. In his email, he talked down and the information he relayed were also incorrect. Since the email had no valid information, or sincerity to his higher rankings, he was in for a bad day.Thank you for reading my forum this week, and I looking forward to reading all of yours. Have a grate week everyone.ReferencesYour Bibliography: Haber, J. (2017). Ignoring the Audience. [online] HuffPost. Available at:… [Accessed 22 Aug. 2017]. STUDENT 2: PearsonAudience play an important role when it comes to writing, either scholarly or personal. Lumen Learning defines an audience as “the individual or group whom the writer intends to address.” You must know your audience so that you can tailor your writing to them. Writing using big words to an audience that possibly will not comprehend what you are saying will not deliver the expected outcome. I’ve learned early on that when writing modify your writing to an eight grade reading level. Another factor to consider regarding your audience is the language barrier, society as a whole is so diverse. We must take this into account that if you write using flowery or big words others might get confused. Keep it simple so that you can reach more audience.The purpose must also be simple and focused. When someone reads the letter they should be able to understand the purpose of that letter. No one should have to decipher what someone is trying to relay. According to Robert Barrass, “A well constructed sentence should have neither too many words nor too few; each word should be there for a purpose” If the audience and the purpose are ignored when writing, the result would not be the intended outcome. Assuming the letter is of outmost importance but the writer did not consider the audience and the purpose was not clear, it can result in either the organizations decline or possibly a more disastrous consequence. One experience that I’ve had and I’m sure many have experience but just never payed attention to are legal documents. When I closed on my home or even just opening a credit card. The verbiage on the documents are written way above my reading and comprehension level, but we sign them anyway. When something goes wrong and those documents are brought up and an attorney or legal entity brings it to your attention you are a loss because you have no idea what you just signed. Learning, Lumen. “Purpose, Audience, Tone, and Content.” Purpose, Audience, Tone, and Content | Business Writing,, Robert. Writing at Work: A Guide to Better Writing in Administration, Business and Management. London: Routledge, 2003.


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