Terminology of the Body Systems HCS/120 Version 5University

Terminology of the Body Systems HCS/120 Version 5University of Phoenix MaterialTerminology of the Body SystemsUse your internet browser and research the different body systems in the human body. Complete the chart below.Body SystemList the organs found in the body system.Define the basic function of the body system.List two conditions or diseases that can be found in each body system.Identify a body system that interacts with the body system identified.Circulatory SystemDigestive SystemEndocrine SystemImmune SystemRespiratory SystemNervous SystemMuscular SystemReproductive SystemUrinary SystemSkeletal SystemIntegumentary SystemWrite a paragraph that describes your strengths and weakness about understand the human body systems. Consider the following as your reflect on your understanding of the human body systems.• What is one strength you have about understanding the body system?• What is one opportunity you would like to have with understanding the body system? For example:o What would you have liked to learn? o What do you need more practice with? o Which information would you like to recall more readily?• Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar resources.Copyright © 2017by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.


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