The Good LifeThe final graded assignment is an 8-10 page pap

The Good LifeThe final graded assignment is an 8-10 page paper on the question:what is the good life? This assignment will be completed in four parts,so you may want to use section headers to organize your paper. Thispaper is somewhat cumulative, so you may need to review material fromprevious weeks to prepare for this essay. Remember to explain thetheories you reference with supporting citations to the textbook andonline lectures before contrasting them in correct APA format. You maywant to use examples to illustrate your understanding of key ideas ineach theory. Use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources.Address the following in your paper:The Consequentialism Debate: Compare and Contrast deontology andutilitarianism. Briefly discuss the differences between Bentham andMill’s versions of utilitarianism. Discuss the political and ethicalimplications of utilitarianism.Explain virtue ethics and care ethics and discuss how theseapproaches offer an alternative to the deontological and utilitarianfocus on how we should act.Explain existential ethics and briefly discuss the role of free willin ethical decision making. The explanation of existentialism shoulddiscuss the following ideas: authenticity, ambiguity, freedom, anxiety,and bad faith. Illustrate the theories discussed with examples, including situations relevant to your current or future career.


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