The majority of this assignment has been completed. However

The majority of this assignment has been completed. However there is one part missing that my professor wants me to add, and i dont quite understand him. I will supply his response to my paper and then also put the requirements to the full paper, with the attached document. From my professor ‘You need to include the required list items from the Nozama worksheet and place them into the appropriate categories.Thanks’ Here is what hes looking for in the paper, and ill even attach the completed essay and also the word document regarding the project ObjectiveThis deliverable will assess your ability to examine the role ofinformation systems within organizations, management, and networkinfrastructure.InstructionsTo complete this deliverable, fulfill the following instructions for each part:Part 1 – Information Systems DiagramDownload and read the Nozama Information SheetCreate a diagram that shows the various roles of Information Systems in organizations, such as NozamaState the roles within the systemPlace each system in the correct position in the diagramPresent the diagram in way that is appropriate to the workplacePart 2 – Rationale of Information SystemsWrite a 1-2 page documents that explains the ways in which an Information System can support Nozama’s business functionsIdentify the business purpose and function of the Information System in the organizationPresent the document in a way that is appropriate to the workplaceSources, if used, are cited appropriately


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