The methodology is the sequence of steps taken to conduct th

The methodology is the sequence of steps taken to conduct the research. This is a very detailed explanation of the research steps, the data, and the statistical analysis used. There are four components of the report.MethodologyThis will explain in detail how the research was conducted. Step 1 is always the review of literature (provide a very brief summary of the significantliterature findings). Step 2 explains the data collection process.. All other steps should explain in a logical manner how the study was conducted by your team in such detail as can be replicated by someone else.Description of Variables Using descriptive statistics (including descriptive statistics summary tables), describe the variables used including the meta-data about the variables (the data about the data–What do the variables measure? What do they mean?). Not all variables will be used – include only the ones your team uses for analysis. You should include the descriptive statistic table of your continuous variables and explain the output. You may use graphs or other data representation, but you must explain the figures AND they must contribute to explaining your data. Do not include the raw data in the report. Analysis of Data Explain the process for analyzing the data. All teams must do at least one an inferential test on the data using the five-step hypothesis test. Provide output where appropriate (be sure the output fits on a printed page – copy the cells from Excel with care!). Restults from the Study Based on the outcome of your data analysis, explain the results. What are the results of the analysis? Did you accept or reject the null hypothesis? Why? Answer your research question. What do you know about the research problem that you did not know before you started?


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