The poster is already done but I need you to review it and

The poster is already done, but I need you to review it and revise these mistakes , the professor make a list of it1. In the general description, you are missing in-text refs2. Also, I think your second bullet point in the general description isn’t worded correctly – the end of the sentence starting with ‘as it should’ doesn’t make sense – do you mean it does NOT develop normally in the womb or after birth?3. Under prevalence, you use both ‘approximately’ and ‘approximated’ in the same sentence – redundant4. Under etiology, you mention chromosome abnormalities, but what does that mean? Mutation? Extra chromosome? Translocation? Deletion? etc.5. You have no refs in your etiology section and only one in the patho section6. Your first sentence under the patho section uses both ‘results’ and ‘result’ in the same sentence – redundant7. The heading should read Clinical Manifestations not Manifestation8. Does the ref for the manifestations refer to all the manifestations or just the last one? If it’s all of them, then the reference needs to be placed/worded so that it’s all included9. Some of your complications are already listed under clinical manifestations – they should only appear in one or the other – make sure you check with ‘Complications’ mean for patho so that you include the right ones in that section10. Under treatment options, I think you mean to start the first sentence with ‘There’ not ‘The’11. Under treatment, you mention only supportive treatments – what are the supportive treatment options?12. Under prognosis, you say that life expectancy is reduced – by how much? Do they live past childhood? Adolescence? Etc. You also have no refs here13. You are missing refs for a few figures, and a few of them are difficult to read so you may need to enlarge them if the text is important – otherwise, you can crop them to remove the text.14. Your references in your ref section are not in APA formatHopefully that helps you prepare a better presentation – please let me know if you have any questions.


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