The response post should be of equal length to your original

The response post should be of equal length to your original post with the same level of support. 100 W.C.I chose to evaluate businesses, companies that are in the start-up phase. In startup companies, the use of the approach to ‘explore’ possibilities are usually people that see a need and want to be able to fulfill that need. Being cautious about the trouble of an uncertain environment. There is always the potential to want to secure and then defend a position because of doing something that has never been done before. I have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Veterans Education Career Transition Resources (VECTR). The center was built to train veterans to use the skills that they acquired in the military and certify them for outside careers. My role is to assist the veterans and their families with housing. This concept is one that I would like to explore to be able to expand all across the nation. As it is written in Habakkuk ‘[ The Just Live by Faith ] Then the Lord answered me and said: ‘Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it’ (Habakkuk, 2:2, NKJV). Using the game theory to analyze the situation and the outcome. ‘Game theory is the study of strategic interaction. A dominant strategy is a strategy that has a higher payoff no matter what the other player(s) do’ (Cowen, 2015, 296). I believe that VECTR can be looked at as the dominant company in a Bilateral monopoly. The combination of common interest and also the conflict of interest which will have many human interactions will be in play. We have an interest in reaching an agreement but a conflict over what the terms of the agreement will be. I will provide housing but at what cost to the veterans since VECTR is offering everything for free. The conflicts are over how our limited resources are to be spent on things that we each value.ReferencesCowen, Tyler. (2015) Modern Principles of Economics, 3rd Edition. Worth Publishers. VitalBook file.


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