The Virtual Advertising Campaign Presentation. Develop your

The Virtual Advertising Campaign Presentation. Develop your final advertising campaign presentation. There are two parts to this assignment: Part 1: Explain the purpose of omnichannel retailingstrategies. Research and propose three digital marketing strategies topromote and publish the brand’s advertising campaign. Include thisinformation in the presentation. Part 2: Using the research from Units 1–4, add information as necessary in order to draft the brand’s virtual advertising campaign.Create a 10–15-slide presentation with 100–150-word slide notes,using PowerPoint to present your digital marketing campaign. Using yourresearch from Weeks 1–4, your digital marketing campaign will includethe following: Title Slide Slides 1–2: Brand Overview and Competitive AnalysisExplain the characteristics of your brand choice. This section alsoincludes the competitive information you researched in Unit 1,Individual Project I.Slides 3–4: Digital Campaigns Add thecomparative analysis of the digital campaigns of your brand’sadvertising and the competition. You researched this information in Unit2, Individual Project 2.Slides 5–6: Search Engine Optimization Discussoptions for your brand with Search Engine Optimization. In Unit 2, youresearched recommendations for your brand in Unit 2, Individual Project2.Slides 7–8: Customer Analytics This sectiongives a detailed description about analytic tools to measure Web visitsand searches turning into sales. You researched this information in Unit2, Individual Project 2.Slides 9–10: Advertising the Story Add thecreative process description, storyboard, advertisement or commercialand social media suggestions designed for the digital ad campaign fromUnit 3, Individual Project 3.Slides 10–12: Omnichannel Marketing Explainthe purpose of omnichannel retailing strategies. Research and proposethree digital marketing strategies to promote and publish the brand’sadvertising campaign.Slides 13–15: Summary, Final Recommendation List and ConclusionBased on your research, summarize and add any final recommendations forthe brand’s Digital Marketing Campaign. The conclusion should restatekey points of the creative process and effectiveness of the digitalmarketing campaign.ReferencesAssignment Deliverable: Powerpoint Presentation: 10–15-slide presentation with 100–150-word slide notes


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