There are 2 part in this task.PART 1 weekly reportsthere ar

There are 2 part in this task.PART 1: weekly reportsthere are weekly reports zip file attached, you need to go over it and fix what ever need to be fixed such as grammar, spilling etc. so by the time you done with weekly reports you will understand and get familiar with the job I do. also, rephrase the report if needed, thus weekly reports do not look different than final report.PART 2: final report ‘most important’ please find the final report instructions and final report outline attached.In the final report outline attachment. I’ve write the information you need of each part with a red color. Also, I’ve include the limit of pages required of each part, but I haven’t reach it out yet. However, I want you to go over each part, understand the red color comment very well, paraphrase or additional writing of your knowledge ‘within the job I performed’ and make sure you reach the limit required. let me now if you have any question


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