Think about influential stories that you have experienced re

Think about influential stories that you have experienced regarding the world of work. You have to think about the messages from pre-adolescence to now that you have received about the nature and meaning of work. What is work? What are the purposes of work beyond needing it to survive and material acquisition. Talk about major themes that have shaped your sense making regarding the concept of work. Introduction has to be a paragraph and an attention getter. the 3-4 pages are your body paragraphs. Mention major sources of socialization in your life such as parents, etc and the types of messages you have received from them. How did they influence you as a person, attitudes, beliefs, etc about the world of work. In the conclusion make sure you restate the thesis.requirements:apa styleseparate Cover page Paper title name class name and assignment date12-point font double spaced1 inch margins 4-5 pages


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