This is an MBA paper please make sure you are using scholarl

This is an MBA paper please make sure you are using scholarly references and original.Review the several ‘history’ videos on Ford Motor Company, covering nearly the last decade at the large auto manufacturer.First, Ford was able to avoid a government bailout during the ‘Great Recession’ in 2007-2008. Ford had gone through two successful leadership transitions at the CEO level — from a Ford family member, Bill Ford, to Alan Mulally, an external choice.Then to Mark Fields, an internal choice. In 2017, another leadership change was apparently needed at Ford and a new CEO, Jim Hackett, another outsider, was appointed.The major issues in these videos are:- Organizational Change & restructuring- Leadership- Technological Change and InnovationRespond in a 2-3 page paper and to these questions:1 – What are some of the main challenges when it comes to organizational change?2 – How did the organizational structure and leadership hierarchy influence the organizational effectiveness at Ford?3 – What are some ways that any organization can improve the likelihood of success in their change efforts?4 – Can you make any observations about the organizational design or structure at Ford over the last decade or so?


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