THIS IS AN TEAM ASSIGNMENT. YOU WILL ONLY NEED TO DO THE INTRODUCTION 140 WORD COUNT, AND CONCLUSION 140 WORD COUNT. THE PAPER IS ON RETAIL INDUSTRY. PLEASE SEE THE PROFESSOR INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. PLEASE REVIEW MY TEAM FEEDBACK TO HELP YOU.Purpose of AssignmentThe purpose of this is assignment is share student’s knowledge of the roles of Human Resources from various organizations and the benefits of performance management.Assignment StepsLocate a business or industry you’ve worked for or for which you would like to work. Provide feedback to your peers work by discussing the hiring practices, employee training, and work team utilization with their team members. Develop a 700-word paper which includes the following: What they learned from reading the other papers about Human Resources and their relationship with other teams.What they learned about performance management.What they learned from any feedback provided by their peers.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. TEAM FEEDBACK1.Again, I don’t really have a lot of experience in the way of retail, but based on what some other people have told me, human resources generally works with the employees during the hiring and the onboarding process, however, in many companies that is where the connection ends. From then on, the management team where they work is generally their point of contact. That is not always the case, but for many companies it is. The training and job assignments all come from management as opposed to human resources. Performance management is generally based on how well you complete the job functions. In some cases, retail locations will ask customers to review different aspects of the store, how well stocked the store is, how pleasant their experience was, what they liked, what they didn’t like, etc. Based on the answers the members of the team that scored well could receive some sort of incentive, while those on the team that scored low could receive additional training. Managers assess performance as well, but the best feedback comes from the customers. 2. Hiring practices – I think the role of Human Resources and their hiring practice depends on the type and size of the business. I once worked for a small company and applied by responding to an advertisement with a resume. I interviewed with a couple of different people and was offered the job on the spot. For larger companies, prospective employees will fill out an online application and may receive responses electronically or by a phone call. After the interviewing process, they may receive a call offering them a position and then a formal letter, either by mail or by email. Human Resources only seemed to be involved to collect relevant information for tax purposes and to provide employees handbooks that describe the company, nature of the job and what is expected from both parties. Employee training – A couple of places that I worked at would team a new employee with someone who has experience so show them how to perform their tasks. The supervisor selects a trainer who they feel has enough experience, understanding and respect for the company so that trainer can project their positive knowledge on the new employee. I have also experienced training where you were shown how to perform the tasks and are expected to just jump in and start working and ask questions as you go.Work team utilization – Teams are expected to work together to accomplish tasks to ensure a positive outcome for a business and can be achieved with proper performance management. Management can create teams to utilize the best of their talent and time to ensure customers are satisfied. For instance, some employees may be more outgoing than others so a manager may place sales team members on the floor to talk with customers. Meanwhile, employees who are diligent workers but do not care to work with the direct public, may be better suited to work in logistics, stocking or the back office.3. Some of the things that I learned about performance management that will come in handy in retail business are as follows. To begin with, the human management would be at the core of effective and efficient operations so that the retail business achieves optimum performance. This means that employee performance in such retail business should be centered on the business goals, employees, customers, and products. The human resource management should ensure that they communicate the business goals to employees in a manner that employees can understand them best. Such goals should form the basis on which employee performance should be evaluated to ensure that goals are operationalized. When business goals have been operationalized in the day-to-day work of employees, this will that performance remains aligned with the specific objectives regarding how the company intends to achieve a competitive advantage (Forslund, 2015).Forslund, H. (2015). Performance management process integration in retail supply chains. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 43(7), 652-670.


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