To prepareReview the required readings media and resource

To prepare:Review the required readings, media, and resources.Use your citation management software and Boolean logic, as you seek evidence from the literature that justifies pursuing a sample problem statement regarding elementary education with English Language Learner students/ Download the document titled “APA Course Paper Template With Advice (6th ed.)” from the “Walden Templates: General Templates” resource found in the Learning Resources.To complete: Assignment should be written in correct APA style and should include the following:A title—a sample problem statementA few sentences to introduce the problem and provide backgroundStraightforward and unambiguous sentences (1–2) that clearly state the problem (Note: Make it specific and precise.)About 2–3 paragraphs that synthesize the evidence from research literature that this is a current, meaningful problem in the educational disciplineStatements substantiated by evidence from research (Note: Every statement must be substantiated by evidence from research.) A short paragraph describing who would benefit from addressing this problem and in what ways they might benefitReference list of literature, in APA format, supporting this proposed studyShould be 3–6 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages


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