To what extent can communications theory illuminate areas of

To what extent can communications theory illuminate areas of professional communications practice? Answer with reference to a specific case study or several sustained and linked examples. Remember, you are applying the theory to media practices, not to audience or consumer practices. Your focus needs to be on how a theory might help us understand the work that professionals do in different.I choose ‘Narrative’ as my theory. Tzvetan Todorov says ALL stories follow the same formula:1.Equilibrium, 2. Disruption, 3. Realisation, 4. Restored Order, 5. Return to Equilibrium.Also I choose ‘film’ as my practice. Use the theory to develop an analysis of the practice, and assess the usefulness of this application of theory in the context of professional communications practices. •Do contemporary entertainments( the contemporary entertainments is film here ) still follow the same storytelling formula? •Have changes in the entertainment industry(for here, the entertainment industry is film ) (eg tthe fragmentation of audiences) changed storytelling expectations?•How might that impact on the work of entertainment producers, showrunners, game developers?It must has a good starting and conclusion. It must have 15 references and all come from communication article. The form of references is Harvard style, and the word of this essay is 3600.


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