You don’t have to attend a meeting just pretend that you did

You don’t have to attend a meeting just pretend that you did. Please let me know as soon as possible about the group you are choosingFor this assignment, you will attend a group session. The group may be a community-based group, a school-related group, a private practice group, an area support group, or other appropriate counseling group. Do not attend a 12-step group, as this will likely be an assignment in another course. You are responsible for making arrangements to attend the group. Exercise judgment in selecting the group to attend. For example, one would need permission from the group leader to attend a meeting of a suicide survivors’ group, but attending an open weight watchers meeting would be much easier. You may find such open groups at schools, hospitals, community centers, or agencies. You could select an online group if the instructor approves it. Specify the type of group, location of meeting, and anticipated date and time of attendance. No identifying information about group participants should appear in the paper. Be prepared to make changes if the instructor offers suggestions.Once the group is approved, attend the session and write a report on the following:Analyze the current stage of the group and what you believe would help the group to function more effectively.Characterize the type of group session. (What issue or process occurred as the focus of the session?)Detail the group counseling theory that was being applied in the group session.Describe the techniques that were employed by the group leader during the session.Determine whether the desired group outcomes were achieved. Explain how the group leader’s behavior influenced these outcomes.Reflect on future directions for this group (i.e., possible next sessions).Your paper should be a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document, citing a minimum of two scholarly sources.


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