You will be editing a rhetorical analysis essay. I have wri

You will be editing a rhetorical analysis essay. I have written the essay and have received feedback from the teacher on what I need to work on. You will try to satisfy all of his concerns and requirements. The essay is basically an analysis of a commercial. Also some of the feedback is on the side of the document, so make sure that you have fully downloaded it.Requirements:A thesis statement! You are couching all of your description and interpretation in an argument that unfolds over the course of the essay.Discussion of content & context. Describe the image: give the summary you feel you need to, discuss any language used in the advertisement, talk about color, positioning of bodies, the use of light, the form—whatever is necessary to forge your argument. But also, think about context: Where do we find this advertisement? Who sees it? In what medium?Your essay must confront the question: “What is the effect of this?” at every turn. That is, highly successful essays will offer an argument that draws upon the details of the advertisement in order to consider the social, political, economic, and/or historical relevance of the advertisement. In other words, the best essays will make an assertion about the relevance of the advertisement. Must be at least 2.5 pages longCommercial Link:


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