Your Play PersonalityIn this discussion you have an opportu

Your Play PersonalityIn this discussion, you have an opportunity to explore the importance of understanding your play personality. Your play personality describes how you engage in play given certain personality factors. Understanding your play personality can inform the development of your personal framework of play. In addition to reviewing this week’s Instructor Guidance, read the What’s Your Play Personality? article by Monroe (2014), who presents the research of Dr. Stuart Brown. Initial Post: This discussion will be completed in multiple-steps. First, you will make a prediction about your play personality. Next, complete the Your Play Personality and Why It Matters Quiz (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and then formulate your discussion post.In your post, discuss:Your predicted play personality.Activities that you engage in that support your predicted play personality.The actual play personality results from your quiz.The alignment between your predicted personality and your actual results.The anticipated implications that your play personality has on your personal framework of play and how these can affect the play environments you will create as an educator.


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